Corrugated Boxes

The need for corrugated boxes are in the raising front. Corrugated boxes can be used for storing as well as shipping materials in a very cost effective way.  We produce corrugated shipping boxes as per client needs at an affordable price with high quality standards. We produce heavy duty boxes which can withstand heavy loads.

Water Resistant Corrugated Boxes

These boxes can be used to provide high level of moisture resistance inside the box. These boxes will provide high quality packing compared to the regular corrugated boxes. Ideal for storing fresh and frozen food items, bottles,  nursery as well as electronic and metal items.

Hexa / Octagonal Box

We manufacture and supply corrugated boxes of different sizes and shapes. Depending on your needs we can provide you with high quality Hexa / Octogan boxes at affordable prices. Our products are well known for their quality, durability and extended life. We can provide you with standard as well as customized Hexa / Octogonal Boxes.


Apart from manufacturing corrugated boxes we design and produce fitments as per the customer needs. Fitments can help you to move / ship as well as store your items safely with more protection. The fitments will give your goods and food items to be shipped safely without damaging the products. It can be of utmost use when you are transporting fragile items.

Shipping Containers

We manufacture customized shipping containers of various sizes. We carefully understand the requirement and produce cost-effective, high quality shipping containers with necessary strength to withstand the shipment.


Apart from producing corrugated boxes we are also specialized in producing biodegradable cutlery items as per your needs. We will really be happy to know your needs and assist you on the same.

We are specialized in manufacturing Fruits & Vegetable boxes